Monday, July 29, 2013

How to make use of Task Dependencies?

Tasknik is the first todo app with real task dependencies. Now what does this mean? It simply means that you can set as many preceding and following tasks to every other task as you wish. In practice, this means that if you need to complete a certain action before you can carry on with your work, you can do this by setting a preceding task.

You have two options for how to do this. The first one includes the details view on the right, where both preceding and following tasks are shown. In the details view, you can also choose between having your preceding and following tasks showing all the time

 or have them neatly collapsed and shown only when you actually need them.
The second option is realized by clicking the details button in the task itself and choosing Modify Dependencies

In this case, a pop-up appears.

The procedure from here onward is the same in both cases. You simply click on the task that you wish to add as either a preceding or a following task to the current one. The tasks with which this is possible are shown in the left column, as Available. All of them are also grouped ad either Complete or Incomplete, since this way you also have a clear view of the tasks you have already completed and those that are still blocking your progress.

The best part is that you can choose to see only the tasks you can complete right away, by selecting the filter Next. Or, alternatively, you can also decide to see all the tasks that are Blocked, which means that you have to do something else before you can go on with completing them.

Also, make sure you take advantage of Shortcuts, by creating you custom saved searches. For example, you can have a saved view of all the tasks you can do today or tomorrow and have no blockers.

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