Friday, August 9, 2013

How to Make Full Use of Projects?

Projects at Tasknik offer you a lot more than just a way to group together the tasks you think are connected in one way or another.

First of all, you can divide your projects into as many sub-projects as you wish. A new project can be created by simply clicking the button Add a Project and naming it. Later you can also manually re-order your projects and drag them either to the left or the right and create sub-projects in this manner.
At this point, I would also like to briefly explain what Toggle Mode means. Basically, it is the difference between viewing one project group at a time or more at a time. So, if Toggle Mode is checked, you can view one project at a time. But when Toggle Mode is not checked, you can view tasks listed under all of the projects you have selected. You can unselect a project, if you don’t want its tasks included, by clicking it again.
However, projects at Tasknik are not your everyday type of projects, where you can list each of your tasks only under a specific project, at that’s all. Projects here also function as tags, which means that one task can be listed under a number of projects. The idea behind it is that we know that in life we can’t always separate everything we do into groups, as sometimes a certain activity is present in many different areas of our lives.

Now let’s focus on adding and removing different projects from individual tasks. By clicking on the existing project name, below the task name, you enter the inline editing mode, in which you can then either remove a project or add one – when you click the empty space next to the already existing projects, a drop-down offers you a selection of all of your current projects. And just as a reminder, you can do the exact same thing in the details view as well.

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