Monday, August 5, 2013

What’s the difference between Due Dates and Deadlines?

Tasknik enables you to differentiate between due dates and deadlines, and every person who is even remotely similar to me finds this feature extremely useful. Why? Because this way, you can set two dates – your, so to speak, personal goal date, and a date by which a specific task must definitely be completed. This comes very handy with tasks that already have a deadline that was not picked by you (for example, work or school assignments, paying the bills, etc.). And now you have the option to set a due date for when you are planning to complete this task and a deadline, which reminds you that there is also a date after which you can no longer postpone the task.
Once you set a due date, the date is seen next to the task all the time, whereas the deadline is set as a reminder – it tells you how many days you actually have left.

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