Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Fun, Free Things To Do This Weekend

1. Go to the Park

Have a fun afternoon with your whole family, a romantic walk with your loved one or just take some time off for yourself and relax in the fresh, fall air for a while. There is nothing more beautiful than watching colorful leaves dance in the air.

2. Have a Picnic

Plan a slightly different meal and move your Saturday dinner or lunch to an outdoor location. Take advantage of the last rays of sun this fall.

3. Play Board Games

If the weather is not really that nice and you don’t feel like going outside, there is nothing better than to bring out your old favorites, like Monopoly or Scrabble, make some hot chocolate for the entire family and spend the day comfortably inside.

4. Have a Bonfire or Campfire in Your Backyard

Nothing calls out fall more than a classic campfire.

5. Make a Romantic Dinner

Surprise your loved one with a homemade, romantic dinner. Prepare his/her favorite meal, a breathtaking dessert, bring out those candles that have been collecting dust for ages and get ready for the most romantic night of your lives.

6. Bake a Pie

It’s pie season after all! But don’t let that stop you from making cookies, muffins, cakes or anything else you love as well. Spend a day in the kitchen and (re)discover your passion for baking.

7. Host a Classic Movie Marathon

Invite over some friends, or simply curl in bed with your loved one. Bring out some old classics you haven’t seen in a while, or movies you’ve wanted to see for ages, but never found the time.

8. Go on a Bike Ride

Do something great for your body and spend as much time in the beautiful fall sun as possible. These lovely temperatures won’t last forever.

9. Read an Entertaining Book

When was the last time you actually took time to read a book? Seriously, pick a book, any book, as long as you find it interesting, and just read it. You’ll be surprised at how entertaining reading can actually be.

10. Exchange Massages with Your Partner

Massages are so relaxing and so expensive. Spend the afternoon taking turns with your partner (or friends or kids, if they’re old enough) and enjoy a relaxing massage, totally free of charge.

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