After trying to organize our lives in so many ways, we finally came across numerous task management apps that seemed to be offering a solution to our problems. But the joy didn't last long, since we soon discovered that none of the existing apps could satisfy our (maybe a bit ambitious) needs. So we set out on a mission to use all our talents, ideas and abilities to create a task manager that even users as demanding as ourselves would find perfect, yet simple enough for someone with no prior experience with this sort of apps would find easy to use.

While adding the features most users find essential and also some that most or even all existing task managers lack (task dependencies), we always prioritized the intuitiveness and simplicity of our product. This is why all of our features can be controlled via keyboard (for advanced users), as well as by using a mouse. Also, the design is very logical and most people have no problems with searching for where a specific feature is located.

And since we are only uses of such apps ourselves, we are well aware of the extreme importance of a close link between users and developers and giving the customers exactly what they ask for, when they ask for it. So Tasknik is based not only on our wishes and ideas for a perfect task manager, but also on an extensive research of what users really want. And this is only the beginning, since we will design additional features based only on customers’ needs. For this purpose, we also have a forum, where users can express their desires and needs.

Also, we never want to limit our free users by denying them the access to all features – we want everyone to see how fantastic Tasknik is. However, in the future, there will be more than one plan available, for those who will want to become paying customers. But what paying customers will get is only “more” usage of a certain feature, not entirely new features. This way customers will be able to use a fully featured app, even if they do not have the means to pay for it – they will just have to use the available features a bit more sparingly and mindfully. So this free plan may also be enough for some that don’t use our app very often, but when they do, they will still be able to get to know all the features that make our product amazing.

So our vision today is very clear – we want a perfect app that is designed according to users’ needs and one that remains free forever and for everyone.

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